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New Esperance are a women's morris dancing team based in London who perform Cotswold dances in the Bledington, Fieldtown, Ilmington and Esperance traditions. We practise weekly in Borough, central London, with regular dance performances during the summer months.

2012 and 2013 have seen some ups and downs for the side: but we've kept dancing throughout, and made lots of new friends. What Hazel wrote for 2012 still stands:

But now is the time to look forward, not back, and we have an event-packed programme this year when we will be featuring:

  • even more dancers

  • even more musicians and instruments

  • even better kit


  • even more capacity for G&T

We look forward to seeing you!

Here is our current 2014 this space for events still to be added.

Filiz at Wallingford

Filiz dances on stage at Wallingford Bunkfest, Sept 2009. Click here to see us dancing outside the Dolphin in Wallingford.

Photo by Antony Moore, courtesy Oxford Mail

To see our 2014 performance diary, visit our Events page, and to join us or book us go to Contact.

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